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Independent Investment Portfolio Manager

Welcome to the page of Suiza Fidelis S.A, a Swiss company dedicated to advising on capital markets and independent management of investment portfolios..

Advantages of working with an Independent Investment Portfolio Manager

It allows a synergy between the local knowledge of the Manager and his client, with the understanding of working methods between the Swiss Bank and the Manager.

Personalized and dedicated service at all times, both in your country of residence and from Switzerland.

Traditions are built over time...we have been building ours for 15 years...

Traditions are built over time…we have been building ours for 15 years…

Everyone will talk to you about performance, we will talk to you about safety…

We can grow together with you, we have been in the business for 30 years advising our client portfolio, like a family

Everyone will talk to you about performance, we will talk to you about safety...


Custodian bank is a bank with which clients, or wealth managers acting on behalf of clients, deposit their assets or securities. The custodian Banks do not carry out commercial operations (mortgage loans, loans for working capital, etc. For this reason, in the 2008 crisis, none of the banks with which Suiza Fidelis works had to be saved by the Swiss Government). Custodian banks only take care of the assets deposited in them and charge a fee for this work.


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